Support for Czech version of WordPress

Elementor expect using decimal point 0.5 for every measurement unit, typically for em expressions. But in Czech locale we are using decimal comma 0,5. What is pity, Elementor is not able to produce correct CSS because this decimal comma is printed to CSS files. But in CSS files only original US locale can be use […]

Source & Credit

Although we are not interested to use more resource because it’s will impact your website speed but We’ve used the following images, icons or other files as listed. WORDPRESS PLUGINS & LIBRARIES TGM-Plugin-Activation – Elementor – Slider Revolution – included as a pre-packages, and theme slider already included. But you […]

Rewrite URL

For changing the rewrite URL you need to know about the development. If you don’t have any coding experience then avoid this part. Here is a beautiful article to rewrite URL. check this and read it carefully.–wp-25488 Or you can do it with some plugin like – Also […]

More Design Utility

Nowadays the popularity of elmentor lot of extension and plugins are available. So you can install some extension and then using it. On this URL some addons are mention already – In a regular basis, we include addons and widget at our theme. So you can use from here as […]


Tell WordPress which language file to use. If you don’t use WordPress in your native language so far, you have to tell WordPress which language to use to activate the theme translation. You can do this by editing the wp-config.php file (the file is located in the main directory of […]

How to add a portfolio?

The main focus on our theme is a portfolio. In this article, we are cover on how to manage your portfolio content. Before writing the details I would like to introduce what we include for managing your portfolio posts. Portfolio comes with two main meta options – Common Single Layout […]

How add a page?

We included a lot of options on the page. because we think the page is the most important things of theme like a portfolio or agency. on the page maximum thing, we can include with Elementor. But before that at here we discussed those options and why and how you […]